Why don’t keyboard operators know their home keys?

Typing, well isn’t this one a doosie. Typing Skills is the number one skill so many of us in small business could do with. Yet so many keyboard operators have no idea what ‘home keys‘ are.

When asked the question “can you type, do you know your home keys?” the response is often: “don’t you worry about it” or complete confusion about the question asked, thinking of course I can type… anyone can press keys on a keyboard, but the real skill of typing is to know your home keys. To type without looking at the keyboard as this is where accurate accounting starts, and the time taken to do your bookwork is reduced.

Bookkeeping skills and strong keyboard skills, with knowledge of ‘home keys’ are essential requirement of all workers within our company. If a bookkeeper has learnt the skill of typing, it helps speed up the bookkeeping service and ensures accuracy of accounts. Every single cent we account for needs to be 100% accurate.

If your accounting staff do not have the skill of typing by knowing their home keys, hopefully they are prepared to learn to type.

What are Home Keys?

Home keys are where your fingers sit on the keyboard so you can type while looking at the computer screen, and not the keyboard.

What are the keyboard home keys?

Left hand: ASDF

Right hand JKL;

From this part of the keyboard the fingers can reach the other keys quickly. Your fingers sit over these keys, being your fingers home. Centring back to the home keys while quickly moving back and forth to the other keys.

What is a Numerical Pad? The numerical pad on a keyboard is a small business tool that should be purchased when buying a computer to process your accounting on. It has all the numbers on it. When you learn to type on the numerical pad, using your home keys which are 456, it is so much easier to quickly punch the numbers in using the side numerical keyboard pad than the top row of keys.

For those of you who cannot type, and are willing to go the extra mile to be a great bookkeeper, click the above link to ‘Learn To Type – Typing Tests.’ This Typing skills test is not only fun as your race a race car or boat but educational as well.